Separators designed for use in the natural gas industry are mechanical devices, which remove liquids from the natural gas stream. QBJ separators are primarily manufactured in two basic styles  Vertical and Horizontal.

  • Vertical Separators are well suited for handling large liquid slugs, solids, and surging flow conditions. In addition, vertical separators require less floor space. In standard vertical up-flow designs, the gas volume is limited due to re-entrainment because of the counter current flow of gas (up) and liquid (down). Vertical units equipped with specially designed vane mist extractors eliminate re-entrainment and have an increased gas capacity.
  • Horizontal Separators are best suited for streams with high gas-liquid ratios, constant flow, and relatively low liquid surging. The gas transit time is increased in horizontal separators, allowing gravity more time to capture liquid particles. If foaming is anticipated, predesigned de-foaming sections can be added to release entrained solution gas from the foam. Due to the large interfacial area available between phases, horizontal units are best suited for 3-Phase (liquid-liquid gas) separation.


  • Filter Separators
  • Flash Tanks
  • Line Drips
  • Liquid-Liquid Separators
  • Scrubbers or Knockouts
  • Separators
  • Slug Catchers
  • Three Phase Separators