Most natural gas streams contain solid and liquid particles smaller than five microns in diameter. These ultra fine particles are difficult to remove by conventional means and can present a serious processing problem. Our filter separators are specifically designed to remove contaminates such as fine mists, fogs, and dust from natural gas streams. QBJ's filter separators are designed in either a horizontal or vertical configuration and are comprised of two stages.



  • Upstream of dry desiccant dehydrators to prevent compressor lube oil fog or other liquid contaminants from entering the adsorber bed causing degradation and loss of efficiency.
  • Downstream of dry desiccant adsorbers to remove desiccant dust and liquid particles which cause valve erosion and small orifice erosion or plugging in controllers.
  • Upstream of compressors to remove dust and liquid which cause damage to the compressor valves and cylinders.
  • Upstream of glycol dehydrators and amine units to prevent contamination of the glycol or lean amine solutions.
  • Downstream of glycol dehydrator and amine units to recover expensive treating chemicals.
  • Upstream of cryogenic systems to prevent plugging and freezing of the heat exchangers.
  • Upstream of metering and regulating custody transfer stations and of town border stations to decrease maintenance and to prevent service interruption.